Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Where has the time gone????

Wow - my last post was over 2 weeks ago.  This summer has sped by sooo fast!.  This Friday is the last day of my summer VPK program.  It has been a great summer - I had a really great group of kids - AND - I got to teach all summer in my own room, that is awesome!!! (last 3 years, had to go to area daycares, not fun)
Anyway, 2 more days of VPK, then I have to get CRACKING on my room, oi vey!!
I have so much to do.
At least all my "back to school" centers are printed, cut and laminated and, I have to add, in labeled folders, organized in file totes :)

July is over, August is here
19 days til a new group of kids

Hope everyone has a great start to their year!!

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