Sunday, August 26, 2012

Day 6 - Not Tomorrow!!

Well, after 5 happy days in my PreK class, school has been canceled tomorrow, due to possible weather issues from Hurricane Issac.  Thankfully - we are not in the cone, however, we may gets bands of bad weather.  I'm not too excited about this!  Reasons: 1. it's the beginning of the year; I need to build routines, an extra day off, not always helpful; 2. we will have to make the day up - losing either a day at Thanksgiving break (we only get wed-fri to begin with) or Christmas (we go through Dec 21st); 3. worst case scenario, the weather is super nasty and my fragile portable does a Dorothy from the wizard of oz!!  All my personally bought stuff (99.9% of what's in that room) - gone, destroyed, so sad for me!!

I certainly hope tonight/tomorrow is tame.

Question for all the super smart, super organized teachers out there.
How do you do your lesson plans?? DO you use a preprinted book?  Create your own template? Use an online lesson planner??
I am not happy with my current system - looking for most efficient way.
I'd love to hear what works for you guys!!

Tomorrow  is picture posting day, stay tuned
(I want to make sure the portable is still there - don't want to post pics and jinx it!!)

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  1. I create my own template for my lesson plans on Word. My weekly plans fit onto 2 pages which I love!

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