Saturday, November 24, 2012

TpT Sale - WOOHOO!!!!!

While my blogging is limited and, honestly, kinda sad... my ability to spend at TPT is never in question.  My purchases - um. like 20+ pages (seriously!).
I know many people are posting their cart for the big sale.  Well, right now my cart has 60+ items - a pre-sale total of over $300.00
Since I am not very technologically smart - here are some of the titles I am planning on getting.
Kindergals - snowman surprise, ocean animals, frogs and butterflies, comprehension pack, numbers 1-10, units 3-5 readers workshop (I have 1, waiting on 2), science blasters (zoo unit)
Jamie Mayas - polar express. pocket charts all year, faces at the zoo (I have everything else!!)
Deeanna Golden - plant unit, under the sea unit, counting and cardinality,  common core math
Greg Smedley - measuring packs (turkeys, gingerbread, Christmas and winter)
Kindertrips - growing and changing units, garden units, construction unit 
and a few other items
We'll see if I need to add anything else before Monday morning.
Happy Shopping!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Youtube - GRRRRRR

I've seen pinterest pins and links for really cute, awesome youtube videos.
My school system blocks ALL things youtube.  I've checked schooltube - not as much stuff is there.
How do you guys get stuff from youtube? Does it get past your schools security?  Is there a way to download (at home) and save on flash drive?

Thanks in advance for the advie :)

Monday, November 12, 2012

My Library

A while back I posted a question regarding an online catalog of teacher read alouds. Today - on my day off- I decided to re-explore my choices.  Low and behold...I already had a lifetime (paid) account with (started back in 2007).  SO I added in about 100 books today -and ordered the cue-cat scanner to add in the rest of my books.  Isn't it cool when something unexpected (like an already paid in full account) arises :)

Happy Veterans Day
I Love our troops!!