Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Day 3 and counting

Today was the third day of our new PreK class and happily, it's still going well.  woohoo!Lining up and walking - could still use some improving, but, we will get there.  All 12 kids I currently have (5 new ones start next week) can recognize their name in print - woohoo!
We are continuing to practice our daily routines and they are beginning to know what the expectations are - with a little less prompting.
Definitely need to work on the "ms. connie  ms. connie  ms.connie" - they just keep saying my name over and over - regardless of who else might be talking or what I might be doing.  I have a couple of kids who have not been to school before, so they need to experience group dynamics/social rules.

On a side note - I brought my camera - and took pictures - 3, then my cameras memory was full. Huh, - oh crud, hubby didn't replace memory card.
Good news, I got it, it's in camera.  Picture taking will happen tomorrow. Posting probably on Friday or Saturday.

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