Monday, August 27, 2012

Pictures are here!!

Good news - Issac left us alone here in Hernando County.  We hardly had any rain after 11 AM.
I did check my portable - it has leaked before.  All was dry and okay.
Here are some pictures -in no particular order

This is my visual data wall.  The first poster is for capital letters, the second for lowercase.  I track the kids and will put their names on each poster showing how much they know.  I change the data 3 times during the year (although I check them at least monthly - more if I am doing RTI)

 I got this from Julie Lee's "Schools in Session" unit.   We completed the first day.
My take on the famous birthday board (I think original was Erica B, first grade teacher). Since I'm getting new kids this week (after IEP's), I'm waiting to take pics of kids and teachers.

My new cute color posters - I love that these were available in half size - I am so limited in wall space.

Class rules - we start by singing the Rules Rap by Dr. Jean, then I will go more into these rules - I love that they have movements associated with them.  Motions help solidify stuff for my little kids.
So this pic is my question of the day.  I post the question in a plastic sleeve taped to the whiteboard.  My hubby painted some old cookie sheets black and I made the kids names (pink for girls and blue for boys, thought it might help with name identification, we have lots of kids with the same first letter).  After kids answer, we go over data (more, less, equal)

I ran out of wall space - so I stapled these numbers on the ceiling : )  Even if kids aren't paying attention to me - if they look up, they are still learning!!

Super cute, new bright polka dot alphabet and my blank tens frames for counting to the 100th day.

  Same stuff from left side of white board. The blue paper is blank because we are working on that ten frame, so it is closer to our calendar area (makes it easier to put up daily picture)
Sideways pic - I made a pocket chart for the kids to recognize their names. 
Well, that's what I've got for now.
Happy Monday everybody!!


  1. Yay! Thanks so much for sharing pictures! I actually don't think I knew you had IEP students!

    <a href=">Creating & Teaching</a>

    1. I teach a PreK ESE Inclusion class. So 8-10 kids are ESE (mostly language or developmentally delayed) and the other 9-10 are "gen ed" prek kids (usually teacher kids). It works out really well :)

  2. Lucky you! We were out for three days and had terrible flooding!!