Sunday, October 20, 2013

I'm still here`

wow - the last time I posted was in Aug-Sept.  Here it is nearly November and I'm still overwhelmed!!  In fact - I feel like I need a new word.  Overwhelmed doesn't really sum it all up.

Between the testing: holy cannoli, the amount of testing (state for both reading & math, then all over again for report card grades), the humungous amount of paperwork (oy vey!!), and let's be honest, the kids!  I am swimming in the sea of insanity.  I see my blog, but, I'd rather spend time reading what others are doing.
I have seen some amazing things - both posts that make me feel better; because other peoples kinder kids are loopy-do, or, sometimes a little worse when I see all that others are accomplishing (me, green with ENVY!)

Are we doing better than in Aug?  Of course.  Room for growth - absolutely!!

I was super lucky enough to **WIN** Vickie Plants Fall Unit.  This is filled with tons of awesome literacy & math games to keep anyone busy in November!  Thanks a bagillion, Vickie!!

I just finished buying and printing an amazing pack - Party Like a Pilgrim from The Printable Princess (on tpt).
If you teach k, BUY THIS NOW.  (no endorsements or anything, it's just that good!)
Thanks to all of you who keep posting amazing ideas - it keeps me on my toes.  Luckily I have an easy to edit lesson plan program on my computer ")