Wednesday, January 30, 2013

An amazing giveaway!!

So one of my favorite bloggers - very generous with the freebies and creates awesome products - is having a "I need to have happy thoughts" giveaway.
Based on the theme - boy  could I use one of those. Any-who, back to the giveaway.  Great stuff - you have to check it out.  the site...Kindergarten Hoppenings with the super talented Shannon.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy Friday!!

I'm super excited!!
Yes, today is Friday. AAAAAAhhhhhh.

But, I also received a totally cool email today. The title of the email "Good News".  It was from the school board head of reading-language arts.  She went on to tell me I was selected to serve on the county's Reading Curriculum Adoption Committee.

Wow-zers, I am psyched!!
What an opportunity!
The first step is a 2 day meeting to see the various curriculum's the publishers are offering. Then the committee narrows those selections down to 2 choices, which are sent to each school for teacher vote.  Ideally this will be fairly completed by Spring Break so an order can be placed and teachers can get their teacher editions BEFORE we let out for summer.

I'm thrilled to know that the plan is to purchase a curriculum that has a prek component.  This would really help the transition from prek to K.

Well that's my news.
What would you look for in a curriculum? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Chart storage ideas

I start back on Monday with a teacher workday. Woo-Hoo- I LOVE workdays, I get so much done

Anyway, I am posting asking for advice/thoughts.
I have been making tons of charts/posters this year.  I upgraded to manila tag chart paper, much nicer.  I am trying to laminate and save the basic chart, then I can add specifics with kids, but not have to remake chart each year.
My problem, I have no place to put the.  I am in a portable, so no closets.
How do you guys store your charts? (without rolling them, I'm way too OCD for that)
Thanks in advance for the help :)

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting back Monday

Wow- 2013.
I hope with all my being that 2013 is good to me, because 2012, wasn't the best. Certainly not the worst, but I feel perpetually beat down.
Any way... 2 weeks off.  Lots done.  So much buying (TPT), printing, cutting, gluing on cardstock, laminating and cutting once more.  Sounds like fun, huh??  But, there is a weird sense of pleasure to see bunches of games/units all done and organized.  I am so bad about taking pictures.
I threw away about 30 charts that I did with the kids - dumb!! At the least, I should've taken pics. UGH!!!!

Well, guess I have a resolution for 2013, beginning Monday. TAKE PICTURES.  (I seriously need to make a laminated poster that says "take pictures"now, LOL) 
Hopefully  pics to come real soon  
Happy New Year!!!