Saturday, September 22, 2012

I need help!!!!

I need help - seriously!
The problem - my book collection.  I buy books - I had my husband build me a wall of shelves to hold my teacher books (read alouds and professional dev stuff).  I have so many books, and even though I have attempted to organize the books into categories, they always get rearranged/out of order.
I have looked online and I have found a couple of book organization systems.  One is library thing. $25 for more than 2000 books (lifetime), buy a $20 scanner. Not bad.  Hard to tell what it's like.
Collectorz - $50, plus $20 scanner.  Lots of screen shots - seems okay.  And the Intelliscanner - $80. Seems really cool -  I just wish I had some guarantee it worked awesomely (21 day unopened return policy - not impressed with that).

So I am wondering - how do you guys compile and keep track of books?? I would love to get all my books uploaded to a system (love the idea of ISBN barcode scanning!!) and then be able to sort by theme (fall, spiders, Christmas, transportation, etc) so I can quickly and easily grab my books for  a given theme.
Make sense??
I really appreciate your help - let me know if you or someone you know has/uses one of these systems!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Happy :)

We have started working on our apple unit this week.  So far we have learned a new song (A-P-P-L-E, sung to bingo) read some books and started by coloring a picture of an apple on day 1.
Today - we played a shape matching game - shapes on apples, (with recording sheet) to reinforce shapes and to practice how to "complete" the paper (we will do a lot of these types of games in months to come - so we need to practice the method).

I saw on Pinterest, Musings Of Me blog has a new AMAZING apple unit - right up my alley - it's even F-R-E-E!!! to bloggers who post about it.  Now I would've bought it, but free is definitely for me!!  You can find more info at her site  here .    Or see her TPT store, HERE (FYI - this is the first link I ever did - um, yeah, cuz I didn't know how. How cool!!)

Be sure to check her site for this and other cool stuff - she's awesome.
Have a great Tuesday !!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Help, please :)

Right now one of my biggest - and quite frankly, most annoying problems, is lining up. This can also be listed as one of my top 5 annoyances from last year.

I *know* how to line up kids.  I actually think I'm quite good at it.  ABC order by first name.  I call each kid up one at a time to find their spot, giving verbal reminders who to stand behind ( they are still learning each others names).  So here is the problem. The door is less than 2 feet from the bathroom door. And I am in a portable - line up space, not so much.  I love the numbers/shapes on tile floors.  I have carpet.  I thought about stapling shapes/colors to the carpet floor .  Custodians!!
Once we get in line (remember, we are 16 kids, ages 3-5) and start moving - we are pretty good. 
I would love to hear suggestions/thoughts.

Thursday, September 6, 2012


Busy week with the kids - yes.

But he last 3 nights, my evenings have been filled with stinky dogs.  REALLY stinky dogs. A bath every night stinky.  We can not find what they are rolling in - but, it is not good.
I am in NO mood to wash dogs when I get home from working every nite after 5:30 

I really need a nice calm Friday 

I hope you have a fabulous Friday too!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

9 days down - and going strong

I start today's post with an admission - I slept until 8 AM today!!! My normal wake up time is 4:30 AM (5:30-6 on weekends) and boy - did it feel good to sleep til 8!!

The first 9 days went by fast - and we were busy!!  2 new little guys started on Wed and Tues, 2 more boys start - bringing my boy total to 12, girls - 4!

The kid are enjoying singing, they love centers and daily computer time (we use the Waterford program). Next week we will start focusing on colors.  I am thinking of doing a color a day for the next 2 weeks, then do a Brown Bear unit.  Since I bought a ton of Brown Bear units/activities on TPT, guess I will use some :D

By the way - (a fave of mine) is having a 20% off sale.  school20 is the code.  I have almost every CD and DVD, but I had to get the new wiggles book (wiggles goes to school) and I also picked up a second wiggles book (wiggles learns to listen).  You can never hit those topics enough!!
Hope everyone has an awesome, restful 3 day weekend.