Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Feeling the need to vent!

I want to do a good job. I try very hard. I go into work almost every Sat (and do work stuff at home - planning computer searches, etc - every night, Sundays too).  I can bet almost very one of you does the same (or close to it)
Today, at our PLC, in a continuation from last week, we talked about text marking.  And how by doing this now, it will make it so much easier for the teachers & kids in 4th grade.
Why do most of our PLCs and other really great ideas have to do with making the upper grade levels easier, later??  Why can't I teach the kindergarten kids I have in my room today and focus on what they are needing/working on???
Do upper grade level teachers need to deal with peeing in pants a few times a week - probably not.  Or re-packing folders and agendas when everything falls to the floor (times 18), um, no.  Somewhere people came up with the idea that if we present stuff to kids earlier and earlier to kids, they'll get it. 
Okay, so why don't I start teaching them how to drive, too??? It will make high school so much easier.
I am realizing that the more we ask kids to do, the more resistant they are becoming.  Little by little, they listen less, squirm more. Act like 5 year olds.
Why don't we all potty train 3 month olds newborns?  Oh, yeah. Because they're not ready.  You can put them on the potty all you want. But they are not toilet trained.
A kindergartener is not a 4th grader. I am not a fourth grade teacher.  I teacher 5 year olds.  Please let me.
Thanks for letting me rant :)
Have a happy hump day!