Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feeling a little better...

Summer vacation day #4.  But I have sooooo much to do and while next week is "preschool" week; I have all day meetings on Mon and Tues and Open House is Thursday afternoon.  Which leaves 1 1/2 days to get my room ready.  That's not going to work!  SO I went in today to do a little bit.
I had to change some of my thoughts about what I might get done, because when I went into the classroom, the custodian was in there cleaning it.  She told me she would be there all day to thoroughly clean the room.  Great - it needs it!, but, now I have to work around cleaning and scrubbing and I really can't put anything where I want to, because the carpets need to get cleaned. Grrrr.
Here's what I did do.
I put up my new (50% off) fabric and boarder on my bulletin board.  I also put up my birthday board (the one I love from pinterest, where you take pics of the kids holding their date number and post them on a month card).  98% done - I ran out of border! UGH!!
I also laminated my tens frames for counting the 100 days of school and I printed out and made all the names I need for various things in my classroom - 6 sets total!! (cubbies, mailboxes, center chart, question of the day board, "are you here today?" pocket chart and  I also make 1 set and put magnets on the back to post on white board.  I use this for picking a "helper of the day".  All my kids are always in ABC order by first name and so they can see where they are in the order and figure out when it will be their turn).

Pics to come - once my husband surrenders the camera -- new Harley, so he's in picture taking mode!!
I hope to go in tomorrow and put up my new alphabet line (purchased through Live Love Laugh Everyday in Kindergarten) and maybe tape down some names.  Monday's coming fast!

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