Monday, July 16, 2012

Do I need it??

Okay teachers - I am here for more advice.
All this cute stuff on blogs/pinterest.  It seems like people have those electronic cutting machines.  So my I need one? I'm not too crafty (yet?). If I do decide to drop 3 large bills (YIKES!!) do I go with the cricut expression or silhouette cameo.  Basically it seems like cartridges vs computer downloads.  Help me out here :)


  1. Last summer I bought a smaller Cricut at my Michaels store because it was on sale for $50. If I had the money to spend on one I would go with the Cameo. Just having the online option is a HUGE bonus between the two. I am not crafty at ALL, but I've managed to figure it out and have made some really cute stuff. However, once you buy it you also have to calculate the tools, cutting mats, papers, vinyls, and such to make your crafty projects. It isn't cheap! I hope this helps,

  2. I agree with Andi. I have a Cricut Expression and wish I would have bought a Cameo. You can use the font on your computer!

  3. I have a Cricut Imagine and I am considering selling it so that I can buy the Cameo. It just seems more versitile to me.

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