Saturday, June 30, 2012

CCTA - a new support group

Welcome to Craft Challenged Teachers of America.

Hi! My name is Connie and I am craft challenged
:(   I am the founding member and I think from what I've seen on blogland, the only member.

It is sooooooooo sad.  I see all the blog entries and links to pinterest with the amazingly fabulous designs and DIY projects, not to mention the general "classroom interior design" that is evident in  - like EVERY classroom on the web.
I have a hrd time committing to a theme/color scheme, so i have a kind of mish mosh of stuff (and I mean I have stuff!  I like to shop, so since I moved to Florida in 2001 and started teaching in the public schools, I have - no joke -  easily spent over $15,000.  However, the one thing I yearn for is a photo worthy classroom.  I know I can teach the little guys - I just want my room to look  more "polished" - even for a prek room.
Problems: 1. I am in a portable (read - trailer).  Yes you can staple to the walls, but they are a light blue pattern of sorts.  It looks like a solid light baby blue from far away.  2. I moved classooms 2 times in 3 years - kinda hard to do too much in a "permanent" way. 3. Portables = small!! Me = stuff. (Did I mention no closets?)

So my goal for this year is to streamline my class style and pick a color scheme and STICK TO IT!!! (I have a lot of primary stuff - baskets etc, and the lakeshore rug).  I had intended to go with the zoo/jungle theme - but I see many teachers are focusing more on colors than themes.  Your thoughts??

I seriously need the "extreme makeover, classroom edition" - to visit me.
More to come as I figure it out - or try to :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Up with You???

Hello all of you out there in blogland.
I figured I would just write a quick post to catch up with all of you.
So what am I up to, you ask? Thinking I am relaxing by my pool, chillin'.  Actually, no.
I am teaching a summer VPK (voluntary prek) program for kids going to kindergarten in the fall.
I have a small group (7 kids) and other than our current weather (thanks Tropical Storm Debby) the class is doing great!  We are building stamina for work and moving towards being kindergarteners.  I have a span of levels - one who has never been in school and knows no letters (even those in his name) to kids who have been exposed to letters and words and know all 26.  We spend a lot of time of the routines of school.  Reading block, calender/morning meeting, recess (when there's no rain!), centers, etc.
All in all - it's been a great 12 days (and I would know because this is the 7th year I've taught VPK in the summer - this group, definitely one of my most enjoyable)

I hope the summer is treating you well :)

Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Not Wrong Wednesdays (Thursday edition)

Wow - Wednesday was busy, so I did not get post all the things that are going right :)
Here's my list
1. I am teaching VPK (summer voluntary prek) in my own classroom at my own school (after 3 years of going to various daycares and having to schlep all my stuff and be less than happy). As of today - 4 days done and it's going super duper!!
2. I am one week back onto my armour thyroid meds. Not 100% yet - but starting to feel as if the fog of gloom and tiredness might actually be lifting. Hallelujah!! :)
3. I write a blog post about my room theme for 2012-2013 and I got a whole bunch of responses!!! (almost unanimous - I'm going Zoo/Jungle)

Monday, June 11, 2012

Help Needed

I am writing this post to ask for help - your help.  If you are reading this 1. thanks :) and 2. I need your help.  My quandary.... my room theme for next year.  This is huge, I know!  I am feeling torn between "beach" and "zoo".  Thoughts???  I am in a portable, the room is basic - so I can go with either theme. 
Thanks for chiming in :)
I'll keep you posted as to the final decision. 

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's Not Wrong Wednesdays

Hello all - I saw this while blog stalking and I think the idea is phenomenal!  I can totally admit to the fact that I have a hard time being grateful for what I do have - I want to have/do/have done so much more.  So I am going to try and be grateful for what is happening today - even in the midst of my real life :)
Here it goes...

1. Today is the last day of the school year for kids!! Whoo-hoo
2. One of my favorite little guys brought his teddy to school today.  The name of his teddy - Connie (that's me - how super sweet!!)
3. An amazing mom (and her son) gave me TPT money for an end of the year gift.  :)

There is probably more - but this is a pretty good start
Happy, grateful Wednesday!!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 days left, but who's counting :)

So I have 3 half days left (BTW - who counts it as a half day when school ends at 2 PM??) and 2 post school days.  Starting Monday I begin my seventh (that's tight 7TH!!!) summer of teaching VPK - a 40 day summer program for kids entering kindergarten. 
The last 2 months have been soooooo hard. UGH! I had my meds altered - not in a good way - and I am dragging!  All I want to do is lay in bed.  Not a great mood for a prek teacher of 19 kids.
My workouts - virtually nonexistent, of those I have done, they are short and less than stellar.  I have gained weight - never a good thing and felt miserable in general.  Silver lining -  my regular meds are being shipped as we speak, so there is a small ray of hope :)
I plan on spending my summer working :) and checking up on all my favorite blogs - and buying lots of stuff on TPT!!