Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday Funday :)

It is an absolutely beautiful day here in Florida!! I woke up to a chilly (but awesome) 40-something degrees. The high -73, right now all me windows are open and - it's a tad chilly.  Usually at the end of April we are sweating already. It wont last - but it's fabulous!!

Other than that, I am finishing up my Community Helpers unit.  I am using the Pearson Opening the World of Learning (OWL) PreK curriculum.  The program is great!! One of my favorite parts of the curriculum - concept cards - that are on card stock, as well as on the computer - and they are interactive!! SO I pop in the cdrom and the kids and I chat about the picture, then listen to the explanation of the picture.  Some of our words this theme were: library, post office, street, hospital, house (essential question- what is in our community); doctor, policeman, postal worker, job, teacher (EQ - what do workers in our community do?); and gym, mall, supermarket, restaurant, movie theater (EQ - what can we do in our community?).  By talking about and listening to the descriptions, the kids are really developing and understanding of our theme (as evidenced by answers to my questions).
Next week - we begin the next theme - the Farm!!

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