Thursday, April 26, 2012

How do YOU fit it all in??

So I am guessing that most everybody is teaching full day.  I have my kids from 8:45 - 3:30ish.  Seems like a long day - but when you ave to fit in breakfast, lunch and snack, computer lab, therapies (I teach PreK ESE), recess/gross motor,  and rest time - I seem to always run short - forcing me to choose from centers or classtime (whole group - calendar/circletime, songs, story, papers, etc).  I am not discounting centers, but if its outdoors or centers, I choose sunshine!!  And I need to be able to teach them.  So I guess I am wondering - how does everybody else manage to fit it all in.
While I know most do not do rest - I do not do the full 90 minute reading block plus 60 minute math block (they are just in prek).  I have even tried what I termed the "switcheroo" where I broke the group into 2 smaller groups and they would take turns - half in centers (in another room) and the other half with me doing our lesson.  Then we switch - so yes I was doing most activities twice, however, I did group the kids somewhat by ability, so I could make it harder or easier based on the kids and how they were doing with the lesson/activity that day.
Long post - I tend to be long winded :)
Can't wait to see how you guys do it all.
(PS - I am also wondering how people fit in the curriculum stuff AND all the fun holidays/theme activities that I am buying by the bizillions on TPT).  Thanks in advance for sharing!!

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  1. I posted way back that I don't know HOW some of these teachers do it all. I wonder if they have an extra hour in their day! We don't have nap time, we barely get our 90 and 60 minutes in and who has time for the cutesy stuff when you have to get the skills tested! You are NOT ALONE!!!

    Kinder Kraziness