Monday, April 16, 2012

Jillian Michaels Body Revolution - update

I thought I would update readers about my newest fitness program.  I wrote a few weeks ago about purchasing a new 90 DVD fitness program.  I have completed "1 week" of the program so far  - over the last 8 days.  The metabolic circuits are doable.  Jillian's cuing is EXCELLENT and she is really good about giving possibilities to make it harder if you want to push yourself.  The cardio is harder than I thought it would be, based on how Jillian referred to phase 1 being "low impact".  Even though it was not easy - the cardio could also be modified by a beginner. The moves are done for 1 minute each in a circuit - repeated 3 times.  
I will check in next week when I complete DVDs 3/4 - the circuits change the last 2 weeks of the month.

As for school - testing - UGH!! - for totally selfish reasons.  No recess for us today and for the next 3 days we wont have recess or be able to go to our center room (they use it for accommodations). 7+ hours a day in a room with nineteen 3-6 year olds. I just love state testing - not!!  :(

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