Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What's Not Wrong Wednesdays

Hello there! :)
So here it is - Wednesday - and I am happily posting about what's not wrong. 
1. Summer VPK is going really well.  The kids are having fun and learning!  The time is flying by.  22 days done, 17 to go.  (I can hardly believe that school starts in less than 40 calendar days - YIKES!!!!!)

2. I upped my workout intensity today and yesterday (after a couple of months of majorly weak workouts due to feeling like a big pile of poop 24 hours a day).  Tomorrow I have a turbofire HIIT workout followed by Jillian Micheal's Body Revolution (wk 3).

On another note - I am bringing my new camera to work tomorrow to take some photos of my classroom. I (well,okay,  my husband) recently painted some old file cabinets ( a green one and a grey one) as well as a TV stand.  I forgot to take before pics, but I'm going to take some photos and port my pics - hopefully the crafty and creative people out there will give some thoughts/advice for  my room (planning/design/etc)

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