Saturday, June 2, 2012

3 days left, but who's counting :)

So I have 3 half days left (BTW - who counts it as a half day when school ends at 2 PM??) and 2 post school days.  Starting Monday I begin my seventh (that's tight 7TH!!!) summer of teaching VPK - a 40 day summer program for kids entering kindergarten. 
The last 2 months have been soooooo hard. UGH! I had my meds altered - not in a good way - and I am dragging!  All I want to do is lay in bed.  Not a great mood for a prek teacher of 19 kids.
My workouts - virtually nonexistent, of those I have done, they are short and less than stellar.  I have gained weight - never a good thing and felt miserable in general.  Silver lining -  my regular meds are being shipped as we speak, so there is a small ray of hope :)
I plan on spending my summer working :) and checking up on all my favorite blogs - and buying lots of stuff on TPT!!

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  1. Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!

    Jessica Stanford
    Mrs. Stanford's Class Blog