Thursday, June 14, 2012

What's Not Wrong Wednesdays (Thursday edition)

Wow - Wednesday was busy, so I did not get post all the things that are going right :)
Here's my list
1. I am teaching VPK (summer voluntary prek) in my own classroom at my own school (after 3 years of going to various daycares and having to schlep all my stuff and be less than happy). As of today - 4 days done and it's going super duper!!
2. I am one week back onto my armour thyroid meds. Not 100% yet - but starting to feel as if the fog of gloom and tiredness might actually be lifting. Hallelujah!! :)
3. I write a blog post about my room theme for 2012-2013 and I got a whole bunch of responses!!! (almost unanimous - I'm going Zoo/Jungle)

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