Tuesday, June 26, 2012

What's Up with You???

Hello all of you out there in blogland.
I figured I would just write a quick post to catch up with all of you.
So what am I up to, you ask? Thinking I am relaxing by my pool, chillin'.  Actually, no.
I am teaching a summer VPK (voluntary prek) program for kids going to kindergarten in the fall.
I have a small group (7 kids) and other than our current weather (thanks Tropical Storm Debby) the class is doing great!  We are building stamina for work and moving towards being kindergarteners.  I have a span of levels - one who has never been in school and knows no letters (even those in his name) to kids who have been exposed to letters and words and know all 26.  We spend a lot of time of the routines of school.  Reading block, calender/morning meeting, recess (when there's no rain!), centers, etc.
All in all - it's been a great 12 days (and I would know because this is the 7th year I've taught VPK in the summer - this group, definitely one of my most enjoyable)

I hope the summer is treating you well :)

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  1. I'm also teaching summer school! I only have 2 more days though!! yay

    ❤ Sandra
    Sweet Times in First