Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What's Up Wednesday

So it's been a week.  Not a great week, just a week.  The week before Spring Break.  I have started a few little tweaks, figuring we could try them out for a few days and pick them back up after Spring Break.  I feel torn because I want to do all this amazingly cool stuff I buy on TPT from the worlds most amazing teachers (and I have created a few myself) - but the stamina of the class is practically non-existent - UGH!!!  Most days I feel they are (behaviorally) like they were in October.  Thankfully, skill wise we are trucking right along and I feel confident with sending each 5 year old up to kindergarten. 
My biggest problem - rug time.  This is normally not an issue for me.  But this class has resisted all my tricks.  SO if anybody is out there I am wide open to suggestions.
As of today we have 52 school days before Kindergarten.  52 days for me to shape their behaviors and continue to challenge their minds. 
Wish me luck :)


  1. Good luck! I think that everyone is worn out this time of year.
    Daisy Days for Learning

  2. What have you tried that hasn't worked? :)

    Creating & Teaching

  3. What havent I tried???????
    Rules and routines - check! (multiple times throughout the year)
    Rewards for good behavior - check
    Consequences for inappropriate behavior - doe - no impact (next time) - very weird!!!
    Card system (green, yellow, red) - check
    Immediate rewards (smarties, candy corn)
    Charts about what to do - what it looks like, etc
    Books about good behavior
    Posting rules - and going over them (having kids repeat after me) DAILY
    Notes/talk with parents for repeat behaviors
    Now, I am trying the "switcheroo". Half the class with me for "worktime" while other half is in centers, then we switch. So I do 2 group times, but I did ability group, so the work is tailored to the group. 2 days - so far, going okay. I can slow down for my below level kids and do more enrichment for on and above level kids.
    I am always open to suggestions :)