Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Back from Spring Break :)

So today was the first official day back from Spring Break.  Yesterday (Monday) was a professional day so I went to work bright and early and had a whole bunch of planning and preparation planned - unfortunately the technology was not cooperating.  So, instead I rearranged my room - again.  I am never satisfied with my arrangements - but I'm always up for a change - and nothings permanent!  So in about 4 hours, I moved nearly everything (all by myself). 
Of course, the kids immediately noticed.  "You moved my table? You moved the rug? You moved the computer?"  We'll see if this new arrangement lasts til June..

My biggest annoyance - my teacher technology stuff.  How do you all have your LCD/laptop/elmo arranged and stored - so its not in the way, accessible and how do you handle like 20 feet of extension cords across the floor??? Thoughts/suggestions????

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