Monday, March 5, 2012

Pictures - I hope

So here are the first of the pics that I am now able to take and upload through my computer to blogger.  I took them this morning, the 3 charts are from last week.  I have been doing a morning message just about every day where there is a task for the kids to complete.  I am using a bunch of the awesome products I have been purchasing at TPT and rather than setting them up at centers (as they were intended, for kindergarteners), I am creating charts and we complete a portion of the work (I usually only do 5-8 things in a given day).  One of my favorite new activities was the Dr. Seuss themed word sorts (***not sure who I bought it from on TPT - sorry!).   The kids did GREAT!!.  They didn't have to read the word, just count the letters in a word card (I printed out) and place in the correct column - 1- 4or more letter words. 

Anyway - more to come - now that the technology is working with me :)
Have a great day!!


  1. SO excited to see pictures! And I LOVE your morning messages with the various activity! Counting the letters in the word & putting it in the right column is my favorite!

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  2. I was very pleasently surprised how many could read the word - on their own! Wowzer!!!!'
    One of my favorite activities so far - for sure