Saturday, September 22, 2012

I need help!!!!

I need help - seriously!
The problem - my book collection.  I buy books - I had my husband build me a wall of shelves to hold my teacher books (read alouds and professional dev stuff).  I have so many books, and even though I have attempted to organize the books into categories, they always get rearranged/out of order.
I have looked online and I have found a couple of book organization systems.  One is library thing. $25 for more than 2000 books (lifetime), buy a $20 scanner. Not bad.  Hard to tell what it's like.
Collectorz - $50, plus $20 scanner.  Lots of screen shots - seems okay.  And the Intelliscanner - $80. Seems really cool -  I just wish I had some guarantee it worked awesomely (21 day unopened return policy - not impressed with that).

So I am wondering - how do you guys compile and keep track of books?? I would love to get all my books uploaded to a system (love the idea of ISBN barcode scanning!!) and then be able to sort by theme (fall, spiders, Christmas, transportation, etc) so I can quickly and easily grab my books for  a given theme.
Make sense??
I really appreciate your help - let me know if you or someone you know has/uses one of these systems!!

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  1. I don't have much advice to share... but was hoping someone would tell us some miracle answer because I have the same issue. I have heard great things about Library Thing, but I don't know for sure! Following the advice of Jessica Meacham who has an amazing site:
    I have put an avery label sticker in each of my books (well, most of them) for my students to be able to return them to the right bucket. At any given moment I only have about 4 buckets out. So right now I have out: "School," "Apples," "Clifford" and something else...and soon I will add "Spiders" etc... BUT this doesn't fix the main problem of me being able to find what I need like you said! Keep me posted if you find the answer!

    Crayons and Whimsy