Monday, September 10, 2012

Help, please :)

Right now one of my biggest - and quite frankly, most annoying problems, is lining up. This can also be listed as one of my top 5 annoyances from last year.

I *know* how to line up kids.  I actually think I'm quite good at it.  ABC order by first name.  I call each kid up one at a time to find their spot, giving verbal reminders who to stand behind ( they are still learning each others names).  So here is the problem. The door is less than 2 feet from the bathroom door. And I am in a portable - line up space, not so much.  I love the numbers/shapes on tile floors.  I have carpet.  I thought about stapling shapes/colors to the carpet floor .  Custodians!!
Once we get in line (remember, we are 16 kids, ages 3-5) and start moving - we are pretty good. 
I would love to hear suggestions/thoughts.

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  1. Could you put the numbers on the ceiling instead o the floor? They'd have to look up and line up under their number?