Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Apple Happy :)

We have started working on our apple unit this week.  So far we have learned a new song (A-P-P-L-E, sung to bingo) read some books and started by coloring a picture of an apple on day 1.
Today - we played a shape matching game - shapes on apples, (with recording sheet) to reinforce shapes and to practice how to "complete" the paper (we will do a lot of these types of games in months to come - so we need to practice the method).

I saw on Pinterest, Musings Of Me blog has a new AMAZING apple unit - right up my alley - it's even F-R-E-E!!! to bloggers who post about it.  Now I would've bought it, but free is definitely for me!!  You can find more info at her site  here .    Or see her TPT store, HERE (FYI - this is the first link I ever did - um, yeah, cuz I didn't know how. How cool!!)

Be sure to check her site for this and other cool stuff - she's awesome.
Have a great Tuesday !!

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