Tuesday, May 8, 2012

So here's what I bought!!

I love a sale :)
Not that I need a sale to spend money at TPT - since July 11 I have purchased 16 pages of items - Yowzers!!!
Anyway, I see some people are doing an official here's what I got.
So since they are showing theirs, I thought I'd show mine
Spin and Graph Math and Literacy
Learning Letter Sounds Slide Show
Fun and Engaging Math Centers

Back to School Math and Literacy Centers
Amazing Alphabet
Fun in the Sun Number Sorts
Solve the Room Numbers 1-12
Alphabet Match-It-Up
What Starts With........  (alphabet activity)
October Fun  Math and Literacy Centers
Letter Land Alphabet Pack {Introduction to Letters and Sounds}
Yummy Math match-ups!
Roll-a-Number Math Center Activities

Okay - actually got a few other items - 4 "song books" 3 of them by Kim Adsit - I use these on the computer and big screen - the kids love it!
A cool parent handout about the alphabet is important, an end of year parent survey and some other stuff. 34 items in all!!
Guess what I'm doing tomorrow???? PRINTING!

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