Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Thinking about August already!!

School ended yesterday for the kids. I have been thinking and semi preparing for my switch back to kindergarten.  Attended the Reading Street training today in my district for K teachers.  Wow - there is a lot to do everyday.  Will definitely need to pick and choose, could never fit it all in, not with everything else I still want to do during the ELA black.
Anyway - thinking about literacy centers  - Beginning of the Year literacy Centers.  My team mates and I were chatting about them today after the training.  I usually start on day 1 with a short center time.  Other teachers on my team discuss and unveil centers for about a week before the kids actually do them (going over rules, what to do there, etc)
Anyway - I am trying to get about 10 different centers for the first couple of weeks of school. I usually start with more "play" centers and gradually add more "work" centers.
So far I'm thinking...
beads and string
colors and shapes pocket chart
mobilo (like legos  - rounded, lots of wheels)
stamping (limited number of stamps)

I'd love to hear what everyone else does - and to get a large selection of choices for my beginning of the year centers.  Thanks for chiming in!!

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