Friday, August 2, 2013

Busy Day

Today was the last day of summer VPK.  All the kids progressed from where they started - not all started in same place :)
1 week "off" and then on the 12th teachers go back for pre-school week - a week of mostly meetings, a little bit of worktime in classroom and open house on Thursday.

This past Monday, our school was rocked with shocking news. Due to another elementary school earning an F (first ever in our county), our principal, who I love on both a professional and personal  level - is being moved to "fix" the F.
Can she do it - well, if anyone can, she can.  I wish her all the best. She will have quite a challenge on her hands.
As for us - as of now, no principal named yet (next week, hopefully). I do worry for our direction/focus.  Our principal has such a clear vision - it helped keep us on track, always moving forward.
A bit nerve racking for me - one more thing to worry about as a new school year dawns.
My goal - keep teaching and carry on - guess it's time to print one of the signs of tpt :)

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