Monday, February 25, 2013

It's Evaluation time!!

The time of year I still obsess about.
My principal likes me. She respects and frequently tells me she appreciates the work I do with the littlest guys on the campus.
And yet, I still get nervous. I am a competitive person by nature and it bothers me to think I am not "highly effective" (the top of the rating scale). My county uses the Charlotte Danielson method of teacher evaluation/effectiveness.  All in all, not a bad system.  I do have issue with the statewide plan of 51% of the teacher evaluation being based on student data (but - thats another story).
Anyways... what are some things you do for your eval?  I include lesson plans, RtI plans and data, info about trainings, work with colleagues, etc

Have a marvelous monday!!  

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