Saturday, January 5, 2013

Starting back Monday

Wow- 2013.
I hope with all my being that 2013 is good to me, because 2012, wasn't the best. Certainly not the worst, but I feel perpetually beat down.
Any way... 2 weeks off.  Lots done.  So much buying (TPT), printing, cutting, gluing on cardstock, laminating and cutting once more.  Sounds like fun, huh??  But, there is a weird sense of pleasure to see bunches of games/units all done and organized.  I am so bad about taking pictures.
I threw away about 30 charts that I did with the kids - dumb!! At the least, I should've taken pics. UGH!!!!

Well, guess I have a resolution for 2013, beginning Monday. TAKE PICTURES.  (I seriously need to make a laminated poster that says "take pictures"now, LOL) 
Hopefully  pics to come real soon  
Happy New Year!!!

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