Monday, February 13, 2012

Today I had a rhyming activity as part of m morning message.  In addition to "reading" our message, I used some valentine theme rhyming graphics and the kids had to find  the matching picture card.  I only had 1 choice for each of the 4 pictures posted. Surprisingly, they did really good!  I think one got really lucky - as she picked cat to rhyme with hat (I'm not sure this child gets rhyming - as she has pretty significant language delays, so I think she connected to the cat-hat, cartoon, book, etc).  Anyway, I am repeating the activity tomorrow - but with different rhyming words. We'll see how it goes.

On a side note, I also have changed our daily counting activity.  For the first 100 days of school (our 100th day was Feb 2nd) we had a zoo animal chart I purchased from really good stuff that grouped animals in 10, each tenth animal having its number written in red, the rest in black.  Now we are counting down the last 80 days til summer vacation.  I printed out 8 blank tens frames and posted each on a different color of card stock.  Each school day we add one smiley face sticker to a ten frame.  When the 1o frame is filled, we move on to the next one (they are taped to my wall in a top to bottom descending order) with the last box on the last tens frame being highlighted  (woohoo!!! Summer Vacation here we come.)  They are getting really good at "seeing" how many are filled in the ten frame, and how many are left. I am so proud of my little ones :)


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    1. If only that was going to be easy - ugh!!

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